3x Whey Protein Nutri Integral Medica Hypercaloric Food Supplement Refill 900g Hypertrophic Protein Kit

Flavor: Strawberry
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The volume increase you are looking for is in supplementing with Nutri Whey Protein
Pouch, the hypercaloric Integralmedical with a high concentration of protein, are 30
G per serving for maximum gain in muscle mass.

Nutri Whey from Integralmedica is a food supplement formulated to provide a source
Concentrate of proteins, quality carbohydrates, and other nutrients
Essential to assist in the gain of muscle mass and recovery
Post-workout. Combining whey protein concentrate and isolate, along with
Low-glycemic carbohydrates and a vitamin and mineral matrix, the
Nutri Whey offers a complete formula to meet needs
Nutrition of athletes and practitioners of intense physical activities. Beyond
Moreover, its rapid absorption makes it ideal to be consumed before or after
Training, helping to maximize results and optimize protein synthesis.

With formula of easy solubility and delicious flavor, Nutri Whey is a supplement
Easy to digest, avoiding the feeling of bloating after consumption.

The hypercalorics are supplements to
Based on carbohydrates and proteins whose main function is to increase the
Strength and body weight, especially when associated with weight training

The hypercaloric Nutri Whey Protein Pouch combines the proteins of whey (whey protein), albumin and
Collagen. These three components are related to important functions in
Body, especially in the composition of muscle structures.

Nutri Whey Protein Pouch is still a source of BCAA and added vitamins and minerals.

Suggestion of Use:
Dissolve 2 scoops (120g) of NUTRI WHEY PROTEIN in 1 glass (250 ml) of milk
Whole or skim, water, juice, or fruit vitamins; and tap into
Blender or mixer until full dilution of the product. Consume 2 servings at
Day, being one, preferably, after training and the other portion between the
Meals, or as professional guidance.
The number of servings to be consumed should be adjusted by
According to the energy needs of each individual.


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