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4g anti sleep alarm device for driver fatigue monitor system yawning/smoking/calling/block/distraction detection.

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Special Notes:

  • APP calibration is necessary for getting the highest recognition rate of the device.
  • Some specially coated corrective lens (inc. much thicker ones) and/or sunglasses can reduce the recognition rate.
  • When hair blots out the eye, the device may make the alarming as fatigue function.
  • When the strong sunlight is straight on the device (from side windows) or on driver’s face (from front windshield), the device may reduce the recognition rate.
  • Make sure that the power is not turned off during the firmware updating, or it may cause the boot fail. If the update progress failed, please retry to update it once again.
  • Not to disassemble, repair or modify the product, otherwise it may cause fire,electric shock, injury and other accidents. Please contact the after-sales service center for product repairing.
  • DSM-03/04’s alarms will be saved in the SD card, or upload to the monitor center real time.
  • DSM-03’s MDVR without 4G, DSM-04’s MDVR with 4G module.

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